Developing Indonesian Islands

Ryanto Basuki, one of director of Marine and Fishery Ministry (KKP), told that there is possibility to ban investment on marine tourism business run by non-Indonesian citizen (Feb 10, 2015). He told that in Raja Ampat at least 2 persons are maintaining islands for tourism.

island and boat

Recently KKP has been developing several islands. The development is cooperated with several private enterprise, as an example is Pulau Nipa (Batam) that is developed as oil storage. Pulau Paseran (Sumbawa), Pulau Pari (Kepulauan Seribu), dan Pulau Bawal (Kalimantan Barat) will be developed as marine tourism islands with total investment of 2 trillion IDR. On the other side, investment on Pulau Nipa is 5 trillion IDR. Pulau Bawal is developed as oil palm plantation with investment of 147 billion IDR. Indonesian outer islands has been on their next plan to be developed.

He also told that Indonesia must learn from Pulau Sipadan and Pulau Ligitan case. Unfortunately, he thought that Sipadan and Ligitan are Indonesian islands that lost to Malaysia in the year of 2002. As Arif Havas Oegroseno said at a public lecture last year, “On Sipadan and Ligitan case, we (Indonesian people) are not losing any islands, but we are failing to add those islands.”


FK UKDW Yogyakarta, 20150211.



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