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Stamp Collecting

Thank you for a post of personal interest in stamp collecting.

I am a stamp collector. I collect the used or unused (called mint) stamps. Many countries are on my collection, USA and of course Indonesia are the most stamps I have from.

coffee cup postal stamp

The hobby is introduced to me by my mother. She gave me two stamp stockbooks and some used stamps. Over half of the collections are from abroad (outside Indonesia). When I was in elementary school, I expanded the collection by asking from friends or sometimes we exchanged them. In Junior High School (SLTP) I started collecting unused stamps.

Some stamp collectors have several items to make them a real-serious stamp collectors. I also tried to be a more serious collector. Most of them have a magnifying glass, so I had one, but the very little one (not one typical magnifying glass with long handle). My magnifying glass also not glass at all, it made of clear plastic, so you can call it magnifying plastic. Serious collector have tweezers to avoid damaging the stamps if we use naked hand to touch the stamps, so I had one. I just get my mother’s medical tweezers as my stamp collecting tools. One is plastic, one is metal, but they are medical tweezers, not stamp collecting tweezers. All of the tools I think are being left on Malang.

Now, I collecting stamps on a slightly different way. For the used stamps usually I just keep them inside an envelope. For the mint stamps I prefer to keep them individually inside plastic cover, then keep them in the stamp album/stockbook.


FK UKDW, Jogja, 28 Januari 2014.



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