Life Story

I write because I love to read

I write, or I blog, because I love to read.

When remembering the days I enrolled in Public Elementary School, there were several books (diaries, exactly) that containing my writings. We usually exchanged our diaries each others so I also had my friend’s writings on my diary. Most of writings are just merely biodata.

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Now I am a blogger. I maintain several blogs, I also have been deactivating some blogs too. My blogs cover broad spectrum of topic, of course most of them are things that I love. Sometimes I ask my friends or my students to start their own blog. I also glad that some of my friends are bloggers too.

book on grass green words

The love to write comes from love to read.

My Mom encourage me to read almost everything. She started to raise my reading habit by subscribing (buying regularly is better-fit terms, I think) children magazine. The magazine started from Bobo, Ananda, and the last is Mentari Putera Harapan. My Dad preferring serious (school-subject or even textbook) book to be my reading menu. He discourage me to borrow fiction books from school library.

Now I still love to read, so I also still want to publish my own book.


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